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Development Cooperation Projects


Within our understanding of this life project, we try to develop a solidary and committed attitude towards the third world communities in need. However, our efforts are primarily engaged in the educational field since 2009 in development cooperation projects. Currently we support a kindergarten in Cambodia for 52 children between 3 and 6 years. In recent years we have worked with other NGOs in Senegal and Morocco giving economic and human support in educational and agricultural projects. You can see a description and a video of each project listed.


Our projects can be financed only by donations from friends who trust in our way of managing.


Anyone can collaborate occasionaly or regulary with our projects. If you are interested about it, please contact us at:





Proyecto Kdol Leu


This project was conceived among other needs to improve the kindergarten hygiene and education of the Kdol Leu community in Cambodia. Our efforts are focused on the maintenance of 52 students, coasting and taking the salary of teachers, cooks, food, clothing, school supplies, medicine, hygiene, parent meetings, etc.


Location: Cambodia

Beneficiaries: 52 children between 3 and 6 years.

Budget approx : $ 7,500 per year (annual funding from 2009 to 2015)


Colaboración con Yakaar África - Senegal


Since 2012 Otravidaesposible has collaborated with Yakaar Africa ONGD in its projects in Senegal. The project confined aid to the population of Itatou and Dande for the creation of farms and vegetable gardens, improving domestic economy and its food and health. In early 2014 we carried out a volunteering of three months visiting each projects in the region of Basari and Casamance.


Location: Bassari region(Senegal)

Beneficiaries: 48 families - 500 people

Financing: € 3,000 - Initial Phase


Visit the project blog Volunteering in Senegal


Find out more about the Yakaar África projects in web page


Colaboration with Acción Geoda - Morocco


In January 2013 Otravidaesposible collaborated with Action Geoda ONGD (www.acciongeoda.org) in its Tessaout valley project (High Atlas, Morocco). The project was born to create an infrastructure and the proper means to solve health and educational problems which affecting the population of Ifolou.


Location: Morocco

Beneficiaries: 500 people

Financing: 3,000 euros - Phase initial


Find out more about the Acción Geoda projects in its web page



Atlas Bird Project


In March 2011 we collaborated with 4 schools located in the heart of the Middle Atlas, in the Province of khenifra. Morocco. The project was designed to improve the health and education of a hundred students living wihtout communication in the mountains. Visit the blog of Atlas Bird project


Location: Khenifra, Morocco

Beneficiaries: 110 children between 6 and 12 years.

Financing: 1200 € (school supplies)


Berbe Carpets Cooperative


In May 2011 we collaborated with community Imlgues. The women of the Imlghes village created a cooperative crafting situated in the valley of Ait Bougmez, Morocco. At that time this cooperative was integrated with 28 women united in Berber carpet manufacturing activity in order to improve socio-economic conditions of their families and communities.


Location: Valley Ait Bougmez, Azilal, Morocco

Beneficiaries: 28 women, families and community.

Budget approx .: achievement in phases


Find out more details about this project in its web page