Otra vida es posible - Viajes en bicicleta - Travel by bike
Germany Laos Cambodia Senegal Morocco Atlas Palawan - Philippines

Why by bycicle?

OtraVidaesPosible was born from the experience of watching the world from a bicycle. The bike breaks down the barriers of class, promotes sociability and integration between different cultures. Travel by bicycle lets you enjoy the natural beauty, feeling the connection between nature and our inner being. This lifestyle lets you abstract from the prejudices of unique thinking that proposes the current status quo and immersing ourselves in other cultures in search of what we call "desire of reality"


When we travel this way we learn to live. Learning to live is to learn not to think in terms of success and failure two egocentric concepts that overshadow personal growth that coming from sacrifice and experience of transit. Learning to live is to learn to give up unnecessary objects and conventions that have nothing to do with enriching our inner life. Learning to live is to learn to heal our soul.


Through philosophy and trip prolongation we learn to tune into our inner wisdom to feed our spirit and working the highest human values. The experience transcends to renew our life attitude chasing a change of mentality towards a more human thought.

South America By bike


Viaje en bicicleta en Octubre de 2016 que se inicia en Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) para recorrer Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brasil y Paraguay. En Cochabamba (Bolivia) evaluamos un orfanato para niños con VIH y discapacidad. En Paraguay dedicamos dos semanas para evaluar una escuela técnica agropecuaria para comunidades indígenas guaranís.


Duración: 9 meses. Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - Uruguay - Brasil - Paraguay

Distancia: 8.200 km




Europe By bike


This bike trip started in January 2015. Biking along the southern Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines. In Cambodia we spent two weeks to visit the kindergarten we fund since 2008 (see project section).


Duration: 3 months. Thailand - Cambodia - Philippines

Distance: 2.000 km






Bicycle trip that starts in Barcelona through France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. This journey began in June 2014.


Duration: 5 months. Barcelona - Helsinki - Warsaw

Distance: 7,500 km







This journey started in July 2011. 2300 km of cycling through the woods from southern Madrid to Barcelona, emphasizing the Pyrenees: Madrid, Guadalajara, Soria, La Rioja, Álava, Navarra, Basque, Huesca , Lleida, Girona, Barcelona.


Duration: 67 days. Madrid - Pyrennes - Barcelona

Distance: 2300 km





España - Marruecos - Senegal


The "South Looks" project started in March 2010 "Madrid - Dakar: for sustainable development for Africa promoting social values and solidarity." A cycling trip was scheduled through the Iberian Peninsula and the African Atlantic coast with the intention of touring Spain, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal. The main objective was to identify the needs of the most disadvantaged populations and supporting aid in the future.


The Atlas Bird project was located on this trip.


Duration: 38 days. Madrid - Midelt (Morocco)

Distance: 1500 km - (Cancelled by serious traffic accident in Morocco)





Sudeste Asiático


Bicycle trip which began in July 2008. Air transport of equipment to Singapore. Cycling along Sumatra, Java, Bali and Lombok (Indonesia). Return to Singapore to cycle Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.


The Kdol Leu project in Cambodia was located on this trip.


Duration: 6 months and a half

Distance: 8000 km




Madrid - Bristol


Bicycle trip which began in February 2007. Departure from Madrid to Murcia to complete a round to Spain and Portugal. Crossing to France via Irun and traveling along the French coast to Calais. Once in England, I traveled from Dover to London to finish in Bristol, west of the island.


Duration: 5 months

Distance: 8200 km






Bicycle trip which starts in January 2013. Tour from Lanzarote to continue in Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria


Duration: 2 months

Distance: 1050 km